Mobile Scaffolding – Sydney

Light Weight, Mobile Scaffolding for Tight Areas

If you need the best mobile scaffolding Sydney has to offer, you’ll do no better than Empire Scaffolding. If you’re looking for scaffolding applications where mobility and flexibility are necessary, Mobile Scaffolding is the perfect solution. Our Mobile Access Towers are lightweight aluminium, quick and easy to install and ideal for smooth, flat surfaces, such as concrete slabs or building interiors.

Another benefit of Mobile Scaffolding is its flexibility. Our towers are modular, and we can put together any combination of different heights, widths and lengths to suit your project. You can even erect it yourself for heights under 4 metres. All scaffolding installed by Empire Scaffolding come complete with scaffold tags and site handover certificate, ensuring the job is safe and legal to work on.

Empire currently offer Mobile Scaffolding across Sydney.

Mobile Scaffolding Specifications

  • - Handrails
  • - Ladder Access
  • - Lightweight Aluminium
  • - Max Height of 8m* (0.6m increments)
  • - Width 0.7m – 1.2m
  • - Length 1.8m – 3m

Our Scaffolding

Empire Scaffolding have a range of Scaffolding to suit your needs, whether you’re renovating a house or building a high-rise. Painting, fixing lights, window installation, carpentry – we’ve got you covered! If you have more questions about our mobile scaffolding, Sydney locals can contact Empire Scaffolding today on 1300 738 081 or visit our FAQ!

Suitable for:

Painting, fixing lights, window installation, carpentry.

More questions? Refer to our FAQ or Contact Us.