When Should I Hire Scaffold?

When To Hire Scaffold

When erecting, using and maintaining scaffolding, it’s important to keep any potential risks in mind at all times . This involves identifying and assessing any hazards before they pose a problem, allowing them to be safely controlled. Potential hazards can include scaffolding collapses, falls, and even work conducted near overhead power lines. Once these issues are identified and assessed, adequate solutions can be put in place to remove or minimise the risk. For instance, ensuring all scaffolding is secure and stable before commencing work, and implementing fall protection gear such as safety harnesses to prevent falls.

Preparation of a Scaffolding Plan

The purpose of a scaffold plan is to minimise potential risk and create the best possible support and access for the work being performed. Generally, the scaffolding plan should be completed after consulting all relevant parties, including Scaffolding Designers, Builders and the Workers who will be using the scaffolding, as well as any relevant engineers or electricians, if required. The plan should contain a site layout that details the design of the scaffolding, as well as information regarding foundations, weight bearing capacities and supporting structures, among other consideration.

Correct Licenses

As per Australian Law, when erecting, dismantling, maintaining or altering scaffold higher than four (4) metres, or where a fall would be greater than four metres, a scaffolding license must be held. These licenses are issued solely by the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulator. For scaffolding less than four metres tall, or where a fall would be less than four metres, a scaffolding license is not required to install, maintain, alter or dismantle the scaffold. However, in the interest of personal safety, it is highly recommended that persons erecting, dismantling, maintaining or altering scaffold are fully competent and have all the information, training and supervision necessary to safely complete any scaffolding. When it comes to safety, you never can be too safe!

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