Scaffolding FAQ

In accordance with Australian law, you may erect mobile scaffolding without certification, so long as the scaffolding is no more than four (4) metres in height. Non-mobile scaffolding or mobile scaffolding exceeding four (4) metres in height must be assembled, erected, dismantled and/or adjusted by a qualified scaffolder with current and relevant scaffolding certification to comply with Workcover and Worksafe regulations.
Scaffolding height varies depending on the type of work and access required. For general purpose, domestic and small commercial applications, we recommend a height of at least 1.9 metres, to allow access for an average person.
The type and size of scaffold required will vary depending on the scope and purpose of the project. Scaffolding for painting a two storey house will be vastly different to scaffolding for building an apartment block. Below are some common scaffolding applications and their recommended scaffolding type and size:

Two Storey House: 1.2 x 2.4 x 4.0m Steel Quikstage Scaffolding
Commercial Buildings:
Building Interiors: Mobile Scaffolding Towers – Aluminium
Voids (such as Elevator Shafts):
All scaffolding systems are required by Workcover and Worksafe to be fitted with ladder access, and must meet the following mandatory requirements:

Secure ladder brace at bottom of scaffold
Ladder at correct angle
Ground clearance to accommodate for movement
Securely attached to scaffolding structure